Apple iOS 6 beta 3 released for registered developers

Today Apple releases iOS 6 beta 3 which is made only for registered like any other iOS beta. If you are developer you can receive it as over-the-air update. 

iOS beta 3 download

The iOS 6 beta 3 is expected to be the last beta version before we see some more finished builds such iOS 6 developer previews. This means that no more functions will be added to the iOS 6 but instead Apple has start concentrating on performance and reliability.

According to information available on Apple website this version brings contains various bug fixes and improvements but no other noticeable changes. Apple is already getting closer to official release date which is set for October alongside the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

I already installed this massive 323 MB upgrade to my iPhone 4S and so far I haven’t noticed any changes and problems with some apps all still present and haven’t fixed. It feels a bit smoother when it comes to newly introduced apps such as Maps and Passbook but I couldn’t find any new features there so I assume this falls under “bug fixes and stability improvements”.

iOS 6 will be released on October and will bring many long-awaited features which includes the following:

  • Facebook integration
  • New Phone App
  • Upgraded Safari
  • Upgraded iCloud
  • Smarter Siri voice assistant
  • VIP Mail
  • Completely new Maps and turn-by-turn navigation

Knowing Apple it is unlikely that there will be no surprises at the final version of the iOS 6, personally I expect something revolutionary like it happened last year when Apple introduced Siri.

The surprise factor here could be new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini but would be nice to have something surprising from software side as well.

We are very much looking forward to Apple official announcement on October and if you want to be the first who find out more about upcoming Apple products please consider subscribing.

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