Apple may release a fifth generation iPhone in October

Apple may be launching a fifth generation iPhone, which is a line of Internet, by October. It is the most desired smart phone and people have given it a lot of attention but Apple itself has given no specification, explanation or confirmation of any such launch. That’s why there have been numerous speculations about the upcoming iPhone to be out in market by Apple in a September. It will have a lot of new features along with an 8mega pixel camera, thin body and sim-card free version.

iPhone 5 to be released on 4th October

We have heard a lot or rumors that Apple is working on its next generation iPhone which is expected to be called the iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5. Early predictions were made based on the fact that Apple won’t dump iPhone 4’s design because it is the best thing that have happened to smartphones since the original iPhone was released in 2007. Apple have combined glass and metal in a perfect combination and they can’t come up with better design each 12 months and it is likely what Apple will keep its current design.

iPhone 4S will feature more powerful A5 processor, better 8megapixel camera and 4G LTE network capability to please the most demanding smartphone users. Many new iOS 5 features will be exclusively available for iPhone 4S such as Voice assistant and AirPlay because they require better hardware than the current iPhones can offer.

A rumor says that it may be in a teardrop shape with light body. It may have a powerful chip processor. And may have a metal back with a large screen and it may also have 4G LTE in it for better speed because all Apple cares about is its customer’s convenience. It is an era of technological development. An iphone has a multi touch screen interface and a virtual keyboard. It has internal storage of two kinds, 4 GB and the 8 GB.

A fifth generation iphone will definitely be an up-gradation of its previous versions. It may as well get rid of all weaknesses about the battery and signal issues and will drop those androids in this new release though it may as well result in high price for the iphone but it will have a lot to offer to its users in a form of a lot of improvements and new features.

Apple is always coming up with new devices and better products with most intricate designs that cover customer’s demands, desires and needs. All four generation of Apple has been the most craved one. And now this fifth generation iphone is yet another product of Apple that will be released in October according to the most and famous speculations.

Some people say that it will be launched on the music event of the Apple unlike its other releases at the WWDC. And some sources has confirmed to the Reuter, the fifth generation iphone launch to be in September. While some other analysts suggest that the Apple would launch its fifth generation iphone in special meetings in September.

All we can turn up with is that Apple is definitely launching its new iPhone in the fall of 2011 as speculations will keep coming and keep varying until Apple itself tell its users the launching date or when to expect the fifth generation iPhone.

Apple will hold its press even in October and besides iOS 5 and iPhone 4S most industry experts expects updated MacBook and MacBook Air. We will keep you updated with latest news and rumors related to Apple and its device announcements.

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