Apple Pulled Fake iPhone 4S Jailbreak App from The App Store

iPhone 4S Jailbreak app has been removed from the Apple App Store due to it’s an illegal and misleading app, also due to users complaining about it on twitter and one iTunes review section. The real questions are this: Why Apple approved an App with Jailbreak In the name and description and why it took almost two weeks to pull this app?

iPhone 4s Jailbreak appears on App Store

Apple has always tried to fight against iPhone jailbreak solutions as those apps are making huge loss for the company due to fact that jailbreak allows to download plenty of free apps via Cydia that would come as paid ones via Apple App Store.

Recently RiliSoft managed to create fake iPhone 4S jailbreak app and distribute it via App Store. As Apple has never taken kindly to iPhone jailbreaking they quickly pulled an app that misled users into thinking they were purchasing the ability to jailbreak their iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for small fee.

The iPhone 4S Jailbreak app by infamous RiliSoft was a cleverly created $9.99 app that had a crafty screenshot and description that could easily fool the average user and those who doesn’t pay much attention to what they are buying. After Blogsdna highlighted the app on Twitter and reported it, Apple took notice and almost instantly removed misleading Jailbreak app from the App Store but it took almost two weeks for Apple to realize what app they are selling.

The app is actually a simple game with 35 reviews that doesn’t make much sense, but Apple does not like developers to play games with apps, especially if it includes jailbreak of any kind. You can see the description in the image below:

Please notice how the actual game elements are hidden when you first look at the app description. As the app was already pulled from iTunes at the time I am writing this article I couldn’t find any screenshot from this jailbreak games. If anyone has found screenshot I would appreciate if you could share it on comments section.

At the time I tried to access the app I got error message saying:

iPhone 4s jailbreak pulled from App Store

The cheating comes even worse when you read the part where the app claims to support an iPhone 4S jailbreak and an iPad 2 jailbreak. You can see this in the screenshot Blogsdna posted on twitter. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fake iPhone 4S Jailbreak pulled from App Store

This isn’t the first time some company tried to sell or distribute fake iPhone 4S jailbreak but it’s the first time someone manages to get this fake app approved on App Store. Be aware of fake iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak apps as there is no solution yet approved by main iPhone hacker teams. But you never know if someone has already managed to jailbreak their iPhone before main players does that.

Right now there is a working iPhone 4S jailbreak, but it is not ready for the public release as there all plenty bugs to fix. The big names in the jailbreak community are not saying when we can expect an iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak, but at least we know progress is being made. There is an available jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and older iPhone’s along with jailbreak for iPad and any other iOS device up to iOS 5.0.1.

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