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Computer programming will soon reach all Estonian schoolchildren

Estonian Tiger Leap Foundation in September 2012 launched a program called “ProgeTiiger”, in the framework of which Estonian students in grades 1 to 12 will be introduced computer programming and creating web and mobile applications. “The interest of students towards using modern technologies has grown year after year. With the “ProgeTiiger” program we create prerequisites […]

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The Emergence Of Dynamic Online Casinos

In recent years, the Internet has in many ways managed to take over the massive international industry of gambling. While gambling in different contexts has been possible online for about a decade now, it’s only in the last couple of years that we’ve truly seen the full effect of the emergence of online casinos. Sure, […]

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CSR Racing Cheats for iPhone and iPad

Cheats for CSR Racing that allows to instantly refill gas tank and earn more free cash and gold.  CSR Racing is the best racing game for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, it has managed to dominate Apple App Store for the last few since it was released back in May. Recently NaturalMotion, CSR […]

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Firefox for Android Tablets Reaches Version 15 and Offers New Design and Speed Improvements

Firefox 15 for Android tablets released and bring speed improvements and redesigned user interface as well as many great new features.  Today Firefox announced that they have released Firefox for Android tablet devices and it brings completely new design and improved performance. Mozilla claims that this version brings the same dramatic improvements we recently got for our […]

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Apple-Branded HDTV Release Date Postponed

Will Apple find the way to revolutionize HDTV market by releasing its own TV set featuring better user interface and contenet? Analyst Andy Hargreaves after meeting Apple execs expects no HDTV from Apple anytime soon. Andy come to this conclusion based on meeting he attended with well-known Peter Oppenheimer (Apple’s CFO) and Eddy Cue (Senior […]

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Is AMOLED better than LCD display technology?

I have noticed that lately many tech bloggers claim that AMOLED display technology makes LCD technology obsolete but is it true?   The truth is that AMOLED displays has greater future potential than LCD displays but AMOLED is not there yet to completely replace LCD displays. AMOLED technology is more power efficient especially when displaying […]

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