Mac theme for Windows 7, use your Windows with style

Mac OS theme for WindowsMac OS X is great looking OS and even Windows 7 users are aware of that but of some reasons you are stuck with Windows but you want it to look Mac. For example one of my colleagues has to use Windows 7 at work but a few days ago I noticed that he has Mac OS X installed on his computer but later it turned out to be just a Mac theme for Windows 7.

This theme will make your PC to look just like the latest Mac OS X 10.7 and it can be easily reversed to standard Windows 7 look.  This Mac theme is very detailed and you will be able to experience how it feels to use a Mac. From seeing just a desktop it is close to impossible to spot Windows even for experienced Mac users. After browsing around you will notice many Windows style icons and options but this is the best Mac theme for Windows 7 I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them.

This Windows theme is downloaded over 350.000 times and has received good reviews all over the place. Below you can see a video that shows how the Mac theme for Windows will look.

You can find more information and download this theme here.

If you want to test how it is to use Mac before upgrading to original Mac OS X I wouldn’t recommend this theme because it still has Windows functionality and you will not get the full Mac experience. If your Windows 7 was slow before installing this theme it will remain slow. No fast boot, no Mac App Store, no iCloud and no other services and apps that comes with fully functional Apple computer.

Below you can see screenshot of a Mac theme for Windows 7:

Mac theme for Windows 7Mac OS X Lion ThemeMac OS X Theme

Mac style theme includes icons, visual styles, fonts, cursors, sounds, notifications, logon screen, and Mac desktop backgrounds. This is the best theme to make your Windows 7 to look like a Mac.

This Mac theme for Windows is great to fool your friends to think you are using Mac and to get an idea how it function and look. Why do you want to use this Mac style theme for Windows 7?

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