Download Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) user manual

Samsung Galaxy S3 user manualThis year’s most anticipated smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already officially announced by Samsung but we are still few weeks away from its international release date. Samsung promises to release it by end of the May globally and soon after it will be available in US and Canada.

Today Samsung published official Galaxy S3 user manual and you can download it from Samsung’s website or just read it from embedded file bellow. But is there anyone who reads user manual if the device is working fine and it’s not broken or anything?

We took into consideration that most are lazy to rad or doesn’t find motivation to read information related to device that they don’t have at this point so we gave this to one of our interns to read and give short preview what you should know about upcoming Android flagship device.

  • There is nothing surprising if we look at the contents section and user manual includes things like Assembling, Getting Started, Communication, Personal Information, GPS and related services, Web and related services, Connectivity, Tools, Settings, Entertainment, Safety information, and troubleshooting in case something goes wrong.
  • Finally this user manual clears doubts regarding expandable memory. The Galaxy S3 supports MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards with capacity up to 32 GB. Previously some Tech blogs said that it could support up to 64 GB. Maximum MicroSDHC technology capacity is 32 GB and currently there is no way to increase it.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S3 requires Micro SIM Card, so if your mobile operator can’t offer one of these you will have to cut the regular SIM to make it work for Galaxy S3. The same SIM card is used for iPhone 4S and some other high-end smartphones
  •  This user manual also includes information on how to use Direct Call function. It gives examples when and how to use and what you should know about it. Direct Call is function that allows calling your contacts by just bringing phone near to your ear, no need for extra taps.
  • This user manual also includes information about C-Pen, similar input device used for Samsung Galaxy Note. It doesn’t come with smartphone itself but is additional accessory you have to buy separately.

These are most important things we found on the Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual of course there are many things that you can find there so we embedded the whole manual bellow for your reading pleasure. Its huge 181 document so better prepare yourself for boring few hour reading marathon and leave a message bellow when you are done wasting your time.

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