Easy steps on how to unlock iOS 5 on iPhone 4S

An iPhone Dev-Team has recently released a new version of the so-called Ultrasnow, this is the 1.2.4, this will definitely allow the release / unlock of your iPhone 4S so you can use it with any carrier. Luckily, users can now learn how to unlock iOS 5 on iPhone 4s. Compatibility modes can be modified to make everything easier. Top hints are as follows. Note some specifics appear complex but this is a simple process. Read on to achieve the desired result.

New basebands are not suitable and for this reason, an extreme update is required to deal with unlockers which are trying out the iOS 5. Despite the respective firmware, this is the top solution. Most often, supported basebands for an iPhone are 05.11.07, 04.26.08, 05.13.04, 05.12.01 and 06.15.00. Conversely, the baseband for iPhone4 is the 01.59.00.

Unlock iPhone 4S

The problem is that most of the iPhone hack developers have moved from unlock solution to jailbreak because iPhone is already available in the most countries all over the world which means that there is no point of that. The last time I unlocked my iPhone was in 2008 when the iPhone 3G come out and it wasn’t available in my country so I had to do it. All later iPhone version are available almost everywhere so why someone needs to unlock it unless it is stolen somewhere. There are still some ways to unlock it but you need to get in touch Apple or your mobile carrier because they have some internal system to white list IMEI number so it can be used with any mobile network.


Do not forget that the only method to get to this is to preserve a compatible baseband. In order to achieve it, a customized IPSW must be top priority. For instance, redsnow software has the ability to create the right IPSW- this is compatible with MAC.

The redsnow new version supports the final version of iOS 5, just make sure to check your baseband. By contrast, if anything, a SIM card must be placed right in the micro SIM and this will release any iPhone 4 basebands. The new iOS 5 may seem difficult to deal with but this is a piece of cake.


Remember to follow each step carefully. First, before releasing anything, you need to jailbreak the iPhone 4S in iOS 5. Keep in mind you need to take enough time to properly create a custom firmware, this will allow you to preserve your baseband. So, when upgrading to IOS 5, you will be fine. If you have not already done it, the respective baseband will be also updated. You can easily do this task with the previously mentioned new redsn0w. Help yourself with the tools PwnageTool and grandiose Sn0wbreeze.

You can find many forums that will guide you properly. If you feel overwhelmed, try to analyze each step individually. Moreover, make sure to select “Disable location services” when prompted. Then, in the configuration, you will be able to modify the current location services once again when you are asked. So, this is not hard! Get the best out of it. Follow instructions and ask for guidance.

Like I said no one is working un unlock solution for iPhone 4S but if we will find it someday you can be sure that we will share it on our blog. If you have found a way to jailbreak your iPhone please let us know so we can discuss it in greater detail.

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