Facebook is down again!

Facebook.com is down again and still it haven’t done anything to prevent this. 

Facebook is down

This time I am not talking about stock prices that are not performing as good as most tech bloggers and investors predicted and hopped. This time I am talking about actual Facebook website, it is down and looks like it is a kind of database error.

I tried to access my profiles without logging in and found that my profile is just erased from Facebook because it showed that this profile doesn’t exist. I did some research and found that some other pages and profiles have the same problem while others were online and working fine.

This isn’t the first time Facebook is down for some users but it’s the first time I noticed a problems with database. While the Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world it still has downtimes like tiny webpages hosted in Africa. This is another reason to choose Google+ over Facebook because Google is famous for 100% uptime since 1998 which is something that no other company can be proud of.

While I am writing this problem with my Facebook account still is present and some other accounts that I checked are already back on track so I guess it was short temporary problem but still annoying.

Facebook has its own data center called Prineville Data Center and is located in Prineville, Oregon while Google has data centers in many countries and if something happens in one data center traffic gets redirected and users doesn’t notice any downtime at all. All data is backed up in more than one data center so in case in total disaster Google still can’t lose any data. Facebook has a similar system but as we can see it doesn’t functions that good and still has a place for improvements.

What are your thoughts about Facebook vs Google+ battle, is there any chance for Google to overtake Facebook within next 5 years or so?

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