Beware of Fake Angry Birds Space Packed With Malware

Malware on andoridAngry Birds is the most popular mobile game of all time and it made Rovio the one of the most famous game developer and this allowed to score another download record soon after Rovio released new game called Angry Birds Space. Basically it’s the same game and Angry Birds are still fighting against pings but now all action happens in space.

Angry Birds Space in the first 3 days was downloaded over 10 million times so the game was downloaded over 3 million times a day. This is ground breaking success for so simple game that doesn’t have great graphics or some additional online functionality for better engagement. There are just birds, pigs and you.

There is one thing that comes with huge success. Malware. Just like it happened with Mac computers have to deal with malware, now even Angry Bird fans can’t be safe popping pigs. Rovio also made announcement on their blog but no one really paid attention to it but now all major tech blogs are concerned about it because someone spread rumor that fake Angry Birds Space was distributed via Google Play but it wasn’t. Malware filled Angry Birds were distributed via third party Android app stores and they have no connection with Google or especially Google Play app store.

fake angry birds space

The threat first was brought to the attention by Sophos Labs malware detection experts when they discovered infected edition of the Angry Birds Space circulating around unofficial Android app stores. Sophos detected fully functional Angry Birds Space version but it come packed with Trojan called Andr/KongFu-L. This Trojan uses Gingerbreak exploit to gain root access to device in order to inject malicious code.

This Trojan works similar to Java Flashback found on Mac computers as it connects to similar control servers in order to download and install more malware onto the hijacked Android device. After installing malware further the phone becomes part of a botnet and can execute commands on hackers will. This means that cybercriminals has a full control over hijacked device and can be used for different purpose.

Sophos malware detection experts claim that this is well designed virus and it hides its payload in the form of two ELF files associated with JPG image files.

How to avoid this problem?

If you downloaded Angry Birds Space from anywhere else than Google Play, backup your phone immediately before it’s too late as Sophos or any other experts haven’t confirmed what damage to your data can this virus cause but it’s better to play safe than sorry.

Suggestion: Do not download any application outside Google Play store as it can be dangerous to your data, privacy and phone. There are over half a million applications in Google Play so you will definitely find the one you are looking for and won’t need to look any further.

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