How to solve Nokia Lumia 900 data connection problem? [Video]

After Nokia Lumia 900 data connection fiasco we reported few days ago Nokia has made a graceful recovery. It took only 4 days for Nokia to identify the problem and develop software patch. It’s the fastest created patch I can remember from any company out there.

Lumia 900 software update

Even though Nokia made software fix for Lumia 900 in so short period of time they still offer to exchange device to new one as well as $100 credit to pay AT&T bills. Most importantly this offer is still valid and you can get it till April 21st by visiting AT&T retails sores.

If you are one of those proud Lumia 900 owner and also experienced data connection problems you can get software update through either Zune on the PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector on the Mac.

How to download and install Nokia Lumia 900 software update?

For PC users:

  • Download and install Microsoft’s Zune software to your PC from this link, and the res it explained in video tutorial bellow:

For Mac users:

  • Download Windows Phone 7 Connector by clicking here and then fallow instruction you will find on this video bellow:

Nokia made this Lumia 900 data connection problem into successful marketing campaign. Why? They gave fast response to customers who had this problem by saying that software update will be available soon but as they made a mistake they offer $100 credit for AT&T services. While the free-credit-campaign still continue Nokia come up with software update in less than 4 days that solved the problem. All these steps were fallowed by media and Nokia instead of just launch event were covered in media for almost a week in row and only one of these news were negative. Nice marketing success by Nokia.

This recalls the legendary “You are holding it wrong” saga but with much more success in it.

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