How to fix the Nokia Lumia 900 data connection problem

Right before Easter Holidays Nokia hold amazing Nokia Lumia 900 launch even in New York’s Time Square and It resulted in amazing well sales results and soon after the launch Lumia 900 becomes the best-selling phone on Amazon and other retails surpassing competitors like Motorola and Samsung.

nokia lumia 900

While demand for Nokia’s flagship is huge and most reviews and testimonials are positive there is one thing noticed by many Lumia 900 owners – data connection problem.  Lumia 900 offer 4G LTE network connection and it works just like advertised and speed is great but some users experienced problems with this connection.

According to some users, Nokia Lumia 900 carrier data connection problems are hardware related. There are some users who claim that problem is with AT&T’s LTE network that doesn’t recognize this device. However Nokia announced that they have already investigated this issue and Lumia 900 require simple software tweak and they are already working on patch that will solve this problem.

While Nokia is working to solve carrier data problem they also announced that you can exchange your “broken” Lumia 900 and get $100 refund. For those who are patient enough can wait for software update and it’s promised to be available within few days.

It looks like many Lumia 900 experiencing the same issues as it’s discussed in various Nokia and Windows Phone related forums and some trusted members from WPCentral has come up with solution that helped to fix this problems for many users but not for everyone. As there is no risk to broken or damage your device I would recommend to give this method a try.

Steps to take in order to fix the Nokia Lumia 900 data connection problem:

  1. Take out the SIM card.
  2. Launch ‘Settings’ and Perform a Master Reset
  3. Let the product boot up
  4. Switch Off the device
  5. Verify whether SIM card’s LTE is enabled or not.
  6. Insert SIM card and boot up.

These simple steps helped to resolve Nokia Lumia 900 carrier data connection problems and there is high chance it will help you as well.

If this doesn’t solve the problem you can still visit any AT&T store and get $100 refund and new Lumia 900. This is great example how companies should deal with their mistakes. This makes me to reconsider switching back to Nokia as they care about customers.

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