Download Flashback removal tool for no-Java 10.7 Lion

It looks like finally Mac Flashback virus saga is over as during the weekend Apple released Flashback removal tool for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion installs that don’t have Java. First reports shown that Flashback malware is related to Java security issue that Oracle had patched months ago – but Apple had not, but now we see that this issue is somehow related to Mac security in general. Many Mac’s got infected with Flashback virus even without using Java.

Apple flashback malware removal tool

We won’t hear the truth from Apple itself as they are marketing themselves as bulletproof OS but due to Mac’ OS X success the risk of getting viruses has increased and Flashback is one great example.

If you are Mac OS X 10.7 Lion user you can download Flashcback removal tool from If you are using older version of Mac OS X you are stuck with solutions made by F-Secure and Kaspersky as Apple is no longer supporting other Mac versions.

Note: For users Mac OS X 10.7 Lion who have Java installed can find software update via built in Apple’s Software updater. For detailed instructions check our blogpost here.

After this saga I start to reconsider installing antivirus software for my Mac as I can’t afford loosing data just because Apple thinks that their system is bulletproof while it isn’t.

What about you, do you use antivirus software for your Mac/PC?

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