New Galaxy S3 commercials shows why it is better than its rivals

Samsung is famous for making controversial advertisements and this time is no different. Few days ago Samsung posted new ads on its YouTube channel. If you are true Apple fan I wouldn’t recommend to watch these commercials.

Samsung Galaxy S III – Share Shot

Samsung Galaxy S III – AllShare Play

Samsung Galaxy S III – AllShare Group Cast

First add I like the most as it clearly shows the advantages of the Galaxy S3 over its rivals. This function is still not widely used by Galaxy S3 owners so Samsung does the right thing promoting it. I know only few Galaxy S3 owners but none of them have used this function but I guess after watching this they will start using it.

To get this done you just create user group like friends, family, workmates or other and if you want to share something with them it will take less time. This will apply for sharing pictures, videos or sending text messages.

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