Google Chrome and Drive for iOS Tops the App Store Charts

World’s most popular web browser Google Chrome  now tops App Store download charts.

Google Chrome for iOS devices

Today I opened my new iPad 3 to check latest news and found that Google Chrome is available for iOS device. I read article after article and found that Google Chrome for iOS is just a theme for Safari. In other words Google Chrome is based on the same platform but bring Chrome look and functionality. It doesn’t bring speed and stability improvements like Google Chrome does to desktop computers.

I still am excited about Google Chrome for iOS because I thought that it will never happen due to strict anti-Google policy we have seen lately by Apple on its products. First step was to remove Google Voice and recently Google Maps from iOS and it would be only logical to keep Chrome away from iOS.

While it is just a Google Chrome theme with tab, settings and login information syncing but it sure became a hit on App Store. Today I checked App Store and found that Chrome is the most popular free application for iPad and I wouldn’t be surprised that the same situation is on App Store for iPhone.

Google Chrome recently became world’s most popular web browser surpassing overtaking IE. Google have changed the way we use web browser and it currently it is not just most popular but it is also the fastest as it tops all possible benchmarks. Personally I still use Firefox now and then but Chrome feels way ahead of its main rivals.

While I was writing this I noticed one more thing, the Google Drive is the second most popular app on App Store. It is a great service and everything but how it became more popular than Dropbox, Skydrive and other apps almost overnight? I believe this is just a short-term hype and within few days everything will be back to normal. In case Google Chrome and Drive will top the App Store Charts for more than few days Apple will find a way to ban these apps permanently.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Google Chrome and Google Drive for your iOS devices I would highly recommend it. I have tested both apps and haven’t found any bugs they work perfectly. I still prefer SkyDrive over Dropbox and Google Drive because of its better integration in Linux, Windows and it has 25 GB of free cloud storage.

What are your thoughts, how Apple will fight against Google Chrome dominance on desktop computers and now even on its own iOS devices?

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