How many phones are lost and stolen each day? [infographic]

Today we found an interesting infographic created by that shows how we are carelessly we are when it comes to smartphones as each day $7 million worth of phones are lost around the world.  When it comes to large events like New Year’s Eve the number even doubles.

This infographic about how often and where we lose our smartphones will give an insight and I promise that numbers are surprising. The biggest surprise for me is that people very often lose their phones in automotive shops, but the question is how?

The World of Lost Smartphones

Personally I haven’t lost any phone and hopefully I will keep that way but I know few friends of mine who loses or breaks their phones almost every other month.

Have many phones if any you have lost in your life?


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  1. cgvector April 19, 2012 at 6:05 am #

    very nice diagram..

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