How to change the name of an iPhone in seconds

In brief tutorial I will show how to change the name of an iPhone using iTunes and few minutes of your time.

Change iPhone name

My passion is to help other people and over the time I have received many technology related questions and most are easy to answer but there are some very difficult ones such as, “how to change iPhone name”. It definitely looks easy, but if you have never done it before, believe me, it actually take time to find a solution. I tried just about everything on iTunes to change the name of my iPhone but didn’t want to do a restore to change the name.

I wanted to change the name of my iPhone to make it look better on iPhone related tutorials but plenty of other reasons why you should want to change the name of your iPhone. Maybe you want recently bought used iPhone and it still has previous owners name or you just misspelled the iPhone name during install. Maybe you like to troll your friends or family by changing the name. You can come up with the reason but I have a solution.

Actually changing the name takes couple of second and can be done unlimited times:

Please note: This will work on both Mac and Windows computer and for any iOS device that includes iPad, iPod and iPhone.

Before you do anything I recommend you to backup your iPhone to avoid any problems.

  • Plug your iPhone into your computer via USB
  • Launch iTunes if it is not already open
  • Find the device that you want to rename in the iTunes left sidebar under “Devices”
  • Click and hover on the current iPhones name until the renaming highlighter comes up
How to change iPhone Name
  • Type in your desired name of the iPhone and hit return (Enter on Windows)

The change of name is instant and will reflect on the iPhone, iTunes, iPhone backups and other places where the device name is used. Don’t confuse yourself by changing your iPhone name too often but otherwise there are no limitations.

Please let me know if you come up with creative name for your iPhone and we will feature it here. I haven’t seen any creative name for the iPhone but I have seen many good ones for Wi-Fi routers and will make a Top soon.

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