How to transfer apps to a new iPhone using iCloud

How to transfer apps to a new iPhone using iCloud and few minutes of your time


While iCloud remains almost useless as cloud service and we still have to stick with Dropbox or SkyDrive to store your files on cloud there is one thing you can do with iCloud. You can save your aps to iCloud and transfer them to your new iPhone. This is great way to transfer apps in case you recently upgraded to a new iPhone.

While many call iCloud revolutionary I haven’t find a good use for it and if Apple will not introduce anything new in this service it will become obsolete as Dropbox and other cloud service offers more and more useful features.

This time I am not writing to rant about the service (sorry, but I did it already) but I wanted to show how you can use iCloud to transfer all your apps to new iPhone.

Apple allows multiple-download of apps you’ve purchased making it easy to recover apps that you accidentally deleted or didn’t want to use at that point. Not only this, but also apps that you’ve purchased for your old iPhone can also be transferred to a new iPhone.

You must have iCloud enabled on both phones, this means that you must have iOS 5 or latest version as older version doesn’t support it. If you still haven’t upgraded or haven’t started using iCloud this is the right time to start.

Backup your data

  • In Settings – iCloud – Storage and Backup – iCloud Backup – Switch it on
  • Hit backup to iCloud and wait till process completes

By default iCloud backup Mail, Calendar, Apps and App data so all your important data is stored on iCloud if you use this function. Your data is backed up once every 24 hour while your phone is plugged to power source and it has WiFi access, otherwise automatic backup won’t work and you will have to do it manually  Other information like pictures, videos are not saved on iCloud and can be backed up using iTunes.

Restore your data

When setting up the new iPhone, it will ask for different information and this include iCloud login. Once you will all your information it will start downloading information from iCloud. iPhone will not ask what information to download so you can’t just transfer apps if you used default iCloud settings on old iPhone. These apps will be downloaded from iTunes store so if the app is no longer available on store it means that you won’t be able to transfer it to your new phone.

The whole process will take couple of minutes up to few hours if you have slow connection and loads of apps to download. While apps are being downloaded from iCloud / App Store you can use your iPhone and the process won’t be interrupted.

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    How do I back up to an Ipad?

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