iOS 6 release date set for fall along the next-gen iPhone

Apple iOS 6 release date is set for fall 2012 and will pack over 200 new features.

iOS 6 release date

During the WWDC 2012 which took place on June 11-15 Apple officially introduced world with the latest and greatest mobile operating system the iOS 6 which is now in beta version and is available for registered iOS developers for testing. We already covered “What’s new in iOS 6” so I won’t get into greater details.

Apple during the WWDC claimed that iOS 6 will be available on fall but did not mention exact date. Based on what we have seen from Apple in the past, we can expect the iOS 6 announcement along the next-gen iPhone. Current iPhone 4S and iOS 5 was introduced last October and it’s predicted that Apple will do the same thing this year as well.

New iOS 6 includes over 200 new features such as new Maps app, turn-by-turn navigation, new phone app, improved Siri and now it will run on the new iPad 3, Facebook integration, Facetime over cellular network, Safari offline reading list and syncing with desktop computer via iCloud, Passbook app, VIP Mail inbox, Guided Access and iCloud finally will allow to sync more information between devices.

iOS6 Passbook

iOS6 Passbook on iPhone 4S

I guess Apple is working on something that will take the world by surprise just like it happened with Siri last year. At this point I don’t have a clue what it could be, but believe me, there will be something to make everyone amazed. So far Apple hasn’t hold product announcements without “WOW” effect and one in the October likely will be no different.

iOS 6 will bring disappointment for older iDevice owners because it will support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 2, and new iPad 3 leaving first generation iPad and 3rd gen iPod Touch users out of the game. This clearly shows that Apple does not care about devices older than 2-3 years. We clearly see that Apple is trying to squeeze every penny out of customers but we will still buy their products because they are better than others.

Than being said, we are looking forward to iOS 6 release date around October along with next-gen iPhone.

What are your thoughts about the name of next generation iPhone, will it be called an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or new iPhone?

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