iPhone 4S side by side with HTC One X

Today Engadget pictures iPhone 4S side by side with HTC One X and pictures speaks for themselves. Apple iPhone 4S looks completely outdated when it sits next to stunning hot HTC One X.

While many reviews claim that HTC One X has great performance, stunning display, camera and so on there are still one major drawback and it’s struggling battery life. It’s nothing new in the Tech market as iPhone 4S had the same battery issue when it come out last fall. Hope HTC will be able to fix this problem with software patch like it happened in iPhone case if not then you should consider this phone twice before dropping whooping $800 on it without contract.

Here are promised pictures with iPhone 4S and HTC One X:

HTC One X vs iPhone 4SiPhone 4S vs HTC One X

iPhhone 4S side by side with htc one x


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