iPhone 4S Price as Well as iPhone 4 Price Drop Confirmed

People was wondering and astonishingly waiting for the day of launching of the next generation of Apple iPhone. In these regards, different masterminds of internet have played with the minds of people, who are the lovers of iPhone, by providing them fake information regarding the launching as well as different features of the next generation of Apple iPhone.

It was said that iPhone 5 will come up with a wide range features along an increased inches of screen and highly focused 12 megapixels of camera with so many other features but in real, it was not the case. On the day of launching the next generation of Apple iPhone, even it was proved to be fake as iPhone 5 will not be the term used to call the next generation of Apple iPhone as it is known as iPhone 4S. There is no need to evaluate that how many news has been proved as relevant, which were introduced to grab the attention of iPhone lovers only.

Now, when almost 98% of the rumors have been proved wrong regarding the iPhone 4S, lots of people have also started predicting some more futuristic approaches. These could be failed or successful that will be proved in come days too. One of such news is that the retail price of iPhone 4S will be considered as cheaper than Apple iPhone 4.

Leading the discussion, on this specific information or a prediction or even a rumor, there are lots of points to be shared in these regards, for instance, first of all, there is no prove and fact that can provide a base to such irrelevant rumor because it does not happen that the latest model with more advanced features and lots of technical advancement will be proved as cheaper than the old and previously launched model, at least it cannot be figured out in the history of Apple iPhone handsets.

However, there are lots of points that can be raised in against of above and titled statement such as A4 processor is not as much stronger as A5 dual core processor and 5 megapixels of camera can never be treated as equally as 8 megapixels of camera and normal video recording of 720p 30fps can never replace an improved video recording of 1080p 30fps along video stabilization. These all are what can be considered as the differences between the Apple iPhone 4 and new iPhone 4S.


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