Apple iPad 3 & iPhone 5 Suppliers Rumors confirmed the October Launch

According to the latest publishes and press release of Digi-Times, it is claimed that all the production and manufacturing companies, which deals in the supply of components required for the manufacturing process of the Apple new iPad and the next generation iPhone devices, are going to fasten their belt for the October launching of these both devices, the iPad and the fifth generation iPhone.

These news doesn’t come by surprise because Apple din’t release iPhone on June so it was delayed until the next main Apple’s hosted event and now we know that it will take place October 4, 2011. While we are skeptical about the next generation iPad we believe that Digi-Tames are correct about iPhone 5 or at least iPhone 4S. Apple haven’t  updated its extremely popular smartphone line for more than year so there are no excuses for Apple to not release iPhone 5 in October.

All the available facts and figures regarding the sources of supply chain of Apple are found ready for the launching of new generation of iPhone handset. It is being predicted by the a large number of observers and thinkers on the basis of available scenario that none of the iPhone hardware previews has been previewed in the World Wide Developers Conference of 2011, besides the preview of iPad 3.

At WWDC 2011 rumored to reveal new iPhone 5

However, looking at the both corners of the picture, it can be evaluated that rumors regarding the next generation of iPhone is comparably new as well as less surprising on the comparison of reports regarding the iPad 3 as on the basis of last reported news regarding iPad 3, the report of FBR Capital Market Analyst stated that the prototype of new iPad 3 model would not be going to get appeared in anticipation of 2012.

However, the reality about the Apple iPad is that Apple has just packed up with the launch of iPad 2 just before few months and offered quiet few enhancements but still upgraded display became a missing factor in iPad 2 and it really disappointed the users as well as the journalists. Whereas, by committing and making a good hope for the future, Digi-Time claims that the iPad 3 will definitely cure the missing factor of iPad 2 regarding display issues. This statement is quoted as “Apple is thinking for the lighter as well as thinner designed PC tablet with an increased panel resolution to 250dpi.”

Analysts have their keen observations regarding the latest happenings in the world of Apple and they have predicted that the load of six to seven million units of the next generation of the Apple iPhone – generally known as iPhone 5 – will be shipped within the 3rd quarter of 2011 only. Keep in mind that the demand of iPhone 4 is also on way so that the quantity of shipment can be increased up 25 million units as the company does have stand by active plans for the maximization of shipments.

Like I already said I see no point for Apple to release its next generation iPad since the current model was release back in march and there are almost no competition for it and Apple knows that. On the other hand iPhone 4 is comparison to the leading Samsung and HTC smartphones looks and feels outdated so Apple must come up with a better product to maintain its massive market share in US and globally.

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