Is it possible to buy unlocked iPhone 4S?

The Apple Store is already selling unlocked iPhone 4S for especial use in many mobile phone companies. So, users can select according to their preferences.  At times, users may need to pay more since there is no contract involved; you are buying directly from Apple. Therefore, Apple starts selling the iPhone 4 (also the iPhone 3G) freely available from its online store in countries like UK, France and Canada, thus opening the possibility of the band also released in other countries (including Spain).

The opportunity can also take advantage of the iPhone 3G 8 GB, then you can buy books with free shipping. In many countries, the price of the iPhone 4S still remains with the words “Coming Soon”. Finally, it is great news for users who hate slavery and the high fees from companies and it seems an interesting option because of their prices and are expanding their 3G coverage throughout the country.

white iPhone 4S Box

Does the iPhone with any SIM card are sold around the world?

The iPhone 3G comes with SIM cards and works with the iPhone 4 it is compatible with MicroSIM of operators, including pre-paid cards. The GSM operators do not support the iPhone. The availability of 3G data depends on the support of each operator of the frequency range used by the iPhone.

Where can users get a SIM card or a microSIM?

Users can get a SIM card from any operator or MicroSIM offering plans for the iPhone.

How can users begin using the iPhone to make and receive calls?

Users must begin by inserting iPhone SIM or the carrier MicroSIM supported. Then connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes to complete the activation process.

Do I need a specific plan for the iPhone? Do I need to commit to a long-term contract?

Contact your carrier to make sure you have the right plan that supports the iPhone. If you buy a jailbroken iPhone from the Apple online store you can choose your carrier at any time.

Does it support tethering the iPhone?

Yes, you can share your 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac or PC and connect to the Internet anywhere. Note that, the iPad microSIM not work with the iPhone.

Unlocked iPhone 4S Pricing

The operators typically sell the iPhone attached to a contract that makes the initial payment is less. Nevertheless, remember that if you buy an iPhone “SIM-free” do not have to be tied to any operator.

I guess now you have and idea where and how you can get unlocked iPhone 4S. There are no more solution to unlock iPhone after you have purchased it so you have to stick with pre-unlocked models without contracts. They might seem expensive but actually they cost half the price you will pay to your carrier over 2 years while you will have contract with them. Most of people still decides to buy locked phone with contract because it costs less at first and doesn’t feel that bad when payments are scheduled over 24 month period.

Why are you looking to buy unlocked iPhone 4S and why do you recommend it to others? have you find it more cost efficient or otherwise?

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