Review: Logitech K760 solar-powered keyboard for Mac and iOS devices

Logitech K760 Review and how it look against its predecessor the Logitech K750

The world is getting crazy about energy saving and hot to use renewable resources more efficiently and many companies fallow these trends introducing green products. Most of these green products are still far from replacing currently used household items and products due to its price, quality and longevity. This can’t be related to Logitech’s latest solar powered keyword, Logitech K760.

We were among the lucky ones who got Logitech K760 for review. Big thanks go to the Logitech marketing department!

This keyword is very similar to Logitech K750 for Mac that we have seen some time ago but there are many improvements in K760 like improved support for iOS, longer lasting battery and smaller size.

Logitech k760


The design of this keyboard is similar to Apple’s original keyboards and can be easily confused with it. Don’t know what Apple has to say about this as it is famous for being patent troll and suing everyone. This keyboard is mad out of quality eco-friendly plastic which looks good and has premium feel.  It has Mac style keys so if you are upgrading from Apple’s keyboard you won’t notice a difference except it will not run out of batteries unless you work in the complete darkness for 3 months in a row.

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Battery life

The K760 offers up to 3 months of battery life in total darkness but at least if you have some natural or indoor light source your keyword will continue to operate forever. By forever, I meant till you spill coffee on it as it is the most common way to destroy a keyword. Full recharge takes around 8 hours in low light condition but this is not very important because the Logitech K760 should work just by taking light from your table lamp.


This solar powered keyword works with all Mac computers, this include MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and others. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your devices so no need for additional receiver as it was for its predecessor.

The main thing that makes Logitech K760 special is iOS capability, so you can connect it with your iPad or iPhone and replace iDevice’s on-screen keyboard. It is compatible with up to three iOS and Mac computers and with a single click you can switch between them.

Please note: This keyword is not for Windows computer. While you can connect it to your Windows machine it will be useless as it has Mac style keyboard layout. Instead of Logitech K760 you can choose K750 which is similar solar-powered keyboard.

Why you should buy the Logitech K760

This is great keyboard for people who has sense of style and is trapped inside Apple’s ecosystem with two or more iDevices. This will boost your writing speed and productivity in general if your work with iPad or iPhone requires a lot of text input. This is great replacement for keyboard that comes with iMac as K760 doesn’t require replacing or charging batteries while delivering similar if not better style and quality.

This keyboard uses green renewable materials and uses solar power so it is the best choice for people who think and act green.


  • Great design and build quality
  • Never ending battery life
  • Support for iOS
  • No need for receiver


  • No backlighting for the keys
  • Pricey
  • No numpad
  • Still can’t resist morning coffee

Price and Availability    

Logitech K760 will be available on mid-June for $79.99 in US (£69.99 in UK). This is very reasonable price for wireless keyboard that doesn’t require batteries so it means that it will pay off in 10 years or so.

Update 1: Logitech K760 keyboard is available on you can get it here.

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  1. Travis Putz July 2, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    Just picked one up this morning. Keys are a bit louder than the Apple counterpart, but all in all, a nice keyboard that will find a place on my desk. I’ll never have to worry about where the kids put the “mega-pack” of AA’s again.

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