Long Rumored White Samsung Galaxy Nexus Officially Announced

We knew that white Galaxy Nexus exist and it were spotted in many pictures and videos but today Samsung and Google made official announcement. Starting from 13th February it will be available on many UK retail stores and later this month it will hit other retails stores in Europe as well. No information about white Galaxy Nexus availability in US market as none of carriers haven’’ confirmed it but it most likely will be sold unlocked and available soon after depute in Europe.

White Galaxy Nexus has the same specs as its black family member:

  • Stunning 4.6 inch SUPER AMOLED Display
  • Powerful 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • 16GB or 32 storage space
  • Latest Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS

We saw leaked pictures from white Galaxy Nexus before but here are some that are official published by Samsung. 

White Samsung Galaxy NexusWhite Galaxy Nexus Frontback of White Samsung Galaxy NexusWhite Samsung Galaxy Nexus Side

Of course this isn’t long waited Samsung Galaxy S3 but I believe that Samsung won’t get too far from this design but  instead they will pack similar case with better screen, camera, more powerful CPU and improved battery. I am not saying that Galaxy Nexus has weak specs but Samsung must have some reason why they delayed Galaxy S3 from premiere and it could be because of technology limitations at this point.

Price is not yet confirmed by Samsung but based on other Samsung product and knowing the fact that this handset will be unlocked the price will be around $650 for 16GB version and $750 for 32GB version. A bit pricey but once you will get hands on this beast you will realize that it’s worth every penny.

The question is will you be buying white Galaxy Nexus or will be holding back for Galaxy S3?

Update(13.02.2012): White Galaxy Nexus is  already available in UK Stores

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