Mac and iOS Faces Corrupt App Issues, Apps Crashes on Startup

Apple App Store faces problems, recently downloaded apps crashes on startup, DRM server to blame.  

iOS apps crashes on startup

Yesterday and today I installed few apps on my iPhone 4S and they are not working and crashes on startup. Looks for more information online and found that I am not the only one who has noticed this problem.

This problem is already resolved from Apple side but your downloaded apps will not work and they will continue to crash. You must remove your recently installed applications and reinstall them from App Store. Don’t worry if you have paid for apps as Apple allows downloading apps without charging additional fee.

How to reinstall Apps on your iOS device?

  • Just tap and hold on the icon until the “X” appears on upper right corner, tapping that to delete it from your iOS device.
  • Now open App Store and re-download previously deleted apps

How to reinstall Apps on your Mac?

Since the same problem occurs on Mac OS X you must reinstall your recently downloaded apps as well.

  • Click-and-hold on the app you want to reinstall from Launchpad until the “X” appears, click on that to remove your app for OS X.
  • Now open App Store and re-download it, since you have paid for these apps you won’t be charged to pay for them again.

In the official statement Apple revealed that this issue was caused by faulty server that generates DRM codes for apps being downloaded from App Store. Since Apple don’t know how many apps were downloaded we don’t know the scale of this problem.

It took only few hours for Apple to resolve this issue and only Nokia have done similar things faster when they had to fix Nokia Lumia 900 connection problems in April.

This isn’t the first time something goes wrong with Apple Store and we have seen fake jailbreak applications, malware downloaders and other suspicious apps on App Store but this is the first time when server responsible for DRM code goes down.

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