Main iPhone 4S Details – Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade

You might be thinking about getting an iPhone 4s. If you are thinking about getting this, then there are some things you will want to know about it. Here are the main iPhone 4s details you should really know about.

The iPhone 4S is around for a while now and millions area already wonted for it by opening their wallets but what to do for those who are looking for good deals? There are many options available including carrier subsidized version as well as unlocked version. While it might seem that subsidized deals are better in reality you end up paying at least $1200 for iPhone. For larger storage options you will pay even more so these subsidized deals are not really that great as they might sound.

Everyone knows that the iPhone 4s came out this month. There are three stores that are carrying this. There is Verizon. Then, there is Sprint. Last, there is AT&T. Each store has their little plans that you can choose from when you go to sign up with this contract phone.

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Many will find that the performance is way better on these. You will find that these are seven times better than what the average iPhone 4 was. It has a dual antenna. It also supports GSM as well as CDMA.

There are other things to know about the main iPhone 4s details. This would be the camera. The camera’s sensor has been increased. It is now 8mp. This can capture you 73 percent more light per pixel than it once did.

You will find that in terms of looks, there hasn’t been much of a change. They still look like the iPhone 4. However, the inside is what counts on this great thing. They say it’s all new on the inside. There are many things that the iPhone 4s can do. One of the things it has is called Siri. This allows the phone to recognize your voice. When it does this, you can tell it to do something like call someone and it will. So, you are hands free and safe.

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Gamers will love this phone as well. This is all due to the A5 chip that it has in it. This makes the graphics seven times faster than they were. The games will run smoother. They might even seem a bit more realistic as well.

You will find it has an application that has everything at your fingertips, but backs things up as well. Think of having all the files you need no matter where you go. That is what some of you need as you are good old business people or such. You can have your calendars, music, and more all there and stored for you.

These are just a few of the main details you should know about the iPhone 4s. They say it’s worth getting. Now, you can see why others are going for this phone. Get it yourself and be one of the many whose life is transformed by just one phone.

Such deals for iPhone 4S comes and goes so please let us know if you have find some great offer that you want to share with others. Many people would really appreciate that.

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