Main iPhone 4S problems – battery life and small display

If you are considering about getting the iPhone 4s, you might be reading up about the things you really should know about them. However, what you are reading are all the good things about the iPhone 4s. Read this as we talk about the main iPhone 4s problems and deficiency.

Apple is not learning from its own mistakes and again iPhone is facing problems with battery life. This happens year after year, one iOS version after another and Apple haven’t learned anything. Hopefully these issues will be fixed via software fix because scale of this problem is huge and could drive away many potential iPhone 4S buyers.

Another problem with iPhone 4S is its small display. This is something Apple can’t fix and most likely never will because Steve Jobs once said that this is perfect screen size and no one needs a bigger one. This was true 4 years ago when Apple release its first generation iPhone but today nothing below 4-inches is usable. Hopefully Apple will understand that time have changed and customers are looking for devices with bigger screens. Just look at the Galaxy Note, people are buying them like crazy despite the fact that it’s huge.

iPhone 4s display under microscope

There are many who are finding minor flaws with the iPhone 4s. You should want to know about the main iPhone 4s problems and deficiency. This flaw would be that it seems to run out of battery power. There are some of you who can’t deal with this. You have to have a phone that can withstand the use you are going to put on it. Apple is looking into this and why this rapid drain of battery occurs.

What are some of the other problems that people like you have noted with the iPhone 4s? Well, you have a few of them. If you are on Sprint, you might find that there are slow data speeds. This is something you might need is a faster speed. However, Sprint isn’t the only one having these sorts of issues.

Another main iPhone 4s problems and deficiency with AT&T is that often times, you will find that they are having a hard time activating them. What good is a phone that won’t activate? That’s what we are wondering.

If you have an incident, you will find that there are some of you who will find that if you have an accent and have been looking forward to using the SIRI then you might find some problems there. It will not understand strong accents, but this makes sense quite a bit. The other problem with Siri is that there is no international support. Others have reported that Siri doesn’t work at all.

These are just a few of the main iPhone 4s problems and deficiency that people are buzzing about right now. We’re sure there are others than just this. We wanted to make you well aware of these issues right now so that you know what you are walking into when you are getting the iPhone 4s. There are many who will find that these things are being addressed and they are looking to see how they can make this better. This is what you should know and expect right away. Others say they have had other minor issues with the iPhone 4s.

We hope that Apple will understand that 3.5-inch screen is not enough for todays smartphone users and we need at least 4-inch display. Everything above 5-inch screens are unnecessary but anything between 4-5 inches is perfect fit.

Do you agree with that?

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2 Responses to Main iPhone 4S problems – battery life and small display

  1. ben affandy December 1, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

    I’ ben from malaysia…..
    I’m is user iphone 4 made in china…
    But i have some trouble to network setting….
    Can u teach me how to setting my network????

  2. Ron December 16, 2011 at 2:17 am #

    I am disapointed that Siri doesn’t work on canadian cities and business. Apple should have made it work for all the countries that the phone is disstributed to.

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