NASA Used Dozens of Macs & iPads For Landing Curiosity on Mars

Nasa uses Apple products to control and support famous Curiosity’s journey to Mars.  

Curiosity lands on Mars

By now everyone should know what Curiosity is and what it does on Mars but did you follow the live stream from NASA? I was not watching it live but I did look for the video online to be part of the Curiosity’s journey to Mars. Like most Apple fanboys I noticed that NASA engineers are mostly using Macs and iPads to support Curiosity form millions of miles away.

This is one of the best marketing campaigns that I have ever seen and the thing is that Apple didn’t spend a dime on this campaign (except the 1.1 billion it invested to market iPhone and iPad over the past 5 years). There were a few Windows computer across the board but majority had Macs with shiny Apple at the back.

I don’t know how many people paid attention to this but since hundreds of millions of people were watching I guess many did notice those many Macs. It would be nice to run some survey to make sure if anyone did notice Apple product dominance in NASA office during the Mars Curiosity landing.

Macs have less than 10 percent of the entire computer market and while its market share continues to grow it will take many years for Apple to overtake Microsoft and PC market share. The main thing that holds Apple back is limited hardware availability and of course price for its products. Cheapest Mac costs 4-5 times more expensive than entry level PC which holds back many potential buyers.

Here are two NASA employees using Macs to support Curiosity from millions of miles away:

NASA Team Uses Mac
Few NASA employees used iPads during the famous live stream from NASA office:

NASA uses iPads to control Curiosity
Here are two more MacBook Pros and two dishes that indicates how many days since Curiosity project launched:

MacBook Pros at NASA
Look closely on the table at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and you will see how many Macs are used there. I guess this is not the only government agency that uses Apple products a lot, or is it?

There are several PCs too but it is hard to notice behind complete Mac dominance in NASA office. Apple could use this in its ad campaigns  since the awkward genius guy TV ad campaign turned out to be complete disaster. Slogan could sound something like, “Quality approved by NASA!”. Of course this is just a joke but why not to take advantage of this situation?

Pictures from the NASA Flickr page.

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