New iPhone 4S Specs – What’s new?

There are all sorts of things to love about the new iPhone 4s. That is why you need to be reading about the new iPhone 4s specs. When you read about this, you will see why other people are getting this. Here, you can read about all the things you are getting when you get one of these phones.


Apple A5 processor (iPhone 4S)

The iPhone 4S features dual-core A5 processor cloaked to 1GHz. Apple claims that it is two times faster and more powerful than A4 processor one found in iPhone 4S.


iPhone 4s display (Retina Display)

It features the same 3.5inch display you can find on iPhone 4.  Knowing that we can assume that it has 960 x 640 pixel resolution with pixel density of 326 PPI. The same IPS LCD; 4:3 display technology is uses. While iPhone’s display haven’t faced any improvements it’s still among the best in the industry.

Battery life

iPhone 4S battery

Apple rats iPhone 4S batter as capable of delivering 8 hours talk time on 3G network. While no one is talking to phone anymore but uses mobile network and many different apps we can assume that it will get you through they day. No big breakthrough in battery technology here so we can expect similar battery life as for iPhone 4.


iPhone 4s camera

iPhone 4S camera is now capable of recording video up to 1080p from 720p as for iPhone 4. It can capture 8-megapixel images and thanks to improved image sensor these images are much better than ones taken with iPhone 4.

Storage and memory

The latest iPhone coms with three different storage variations 16 / 32 / 64 GB. While most of us hopped for improved RAM it still sits at 512MB so it won’t handle multitasking better than iPhone 4. For communications it still uses the same Micro-SIM, leaving Nano-SIM for iPhone 5 which is expected to be release next year.


It has the same size as iPhone 4 or 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm to be exact which means that all old cases will fit the latest iPhone. The iPhone 4S weight 140g which means that it is still one of the heaviest smartphone between its main rivals.

The exterior might not look too different, but the inside of this phone will look different than other iPhone’s. For starters, you have to look at the processor which is two times faster. This has a dual core A5 CPU. That is just one of the things that make this different from others.

Other thing that you can find when you look at the new iPhone 4s specs is a Dual Core GPU. With this, you get better graphics. It’s said that this gets seven times the graphics. This means faster graphics for you. However, the specs don’t end there.

While it might not seem as though it has improved, you will find that this comes with a better battery. Now, you get eight hours of talk time. You get fourteen hours of 2G talk time with this as well. You can browse 3G for up to six hours with a fully charged battery. However, you get 9 hours of browsing. This also has a redesigned antenna that switches automatically to give you the best reception. Plus, on top of all this, it’s considered a world phone.

The biggest thing out of all the new iPhone 4s spec is the voice recognition. This makes it nice because you tell it to do something and with Siri it will do this. These are some of the nice specs that people who have this phone already love about it. This is offered in black or in white. This also comes in all sorts of sizes so you do have options when you are looking in the stores. You will find that the screen size and the resolution don’t differ from the iPhone 4.

These are a few of the new iPhone 4s specs one should know about. If you have more questions as to other things you are sure to get with the iPhone 4s, then you need to look into one of the 3 carriers that offer these. They can answer other questions you might have about this and can get you set up with one.

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