New iPhone 5 to Feature 9-Pin Dock Connector, iOS 6 Beta Reveals

iOS 6 beta 4 code shows a clear evidence of 9-Pin dock connector for the next-generation iPhone.

iPhone 5 dock connector

We today covered what’s new in iOS 6 beta 4 but it turns out that there is one more thing that we didn’t know before, proof that the new iPhone will feature a smaller 9-pin dock connector. Earlier we heard that Apple could reduce the current 30-pin dock connector to 19-pin but now we have hint for the 9-pin version. Many sources, including The New York Times and Reuters have confirmed that Apple will be moving to a smaller dock-connector and moving the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the new iPhone.

I guess Apple should make its current dock-connector smaller to free up some extra room for other components. Micro-USB, which is widely used in Android and other smartphones, does the same thing as famous Apple dock-connector but is much smaller so it would be right thing for Apple to reduce it in size.

Guys from 9to5Mac claims that they have found an evidence for 9-pin dock-connector hidden somewhere in the iOS 6 beta 4 code. Somewhere in the iOS 6 beta code is tiny evidence that shows feature called “9Pin”. It could refer to almost anything so I will not believe in this before I see the real thing.

9-pin dock connector for the iPhone 5

Apple recently switched to thinner and longer charger for its Mac product line called MagSafe 2 and you have to buy an adapter in order to use previous generation MagSafe charger. Since Apple has started transformation to smaller chargers and connection ports, it would be compelling if it would fallow this trends by introducing 9-Pin dock connector for iOS devices.

The closer we get to the new iPhone release date, more rumors are spread about the next-generation flagship smartphone. We all (tech bloggers) expect and hope that Apple will finally release iPhone with slightly larger screen to be able to compete with Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and other Android rivals.

The bad thing about smaller dock connector is that you will have to buy another adapter to be able to use older peripherals and accessories. Who wants to buy another adapter?

Apple will have to kill current adapter sooner or later so maybe this time has come. We will know more only after official announcement from Apple sometime in October. 

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