Next-gen iPhone to feature 4-inch in-cell touch panel

Next-generation iPhone to feature slightly larger 4-inch screen with in-cell touch technology to reduce its size.

Next-gen iPhone

We are getting closer to the next-generation iPhone official debut which is scheduled to October and rumors circulate like crazy. From trusted sources we have heard that next-generation iPhone will feature slightly bigger 4-inch display and a quad-core processor but today we heard another rumor from trusted source claiming that this 4-inch display will feature in-cell touch technology.

In-cell touch technology takes up less space leaving it for other components like 4G LTE radio and larger battery. If the in-cell touch technology would be used in the iPhone 4S its thickness could be reduced for 1.4mm to around 8mm. It doesn’t sound like a huge improvement but check your iPhone 4 or 4S to see for yourself. To keep the nice looking metal and glass finish Apple must find the way to reduce the size of all components and in-cell touch technology would be perfect fit.

Knowing that Apple will use in-cell touch technology doesn’t say much about device itself and we have to leave the rest for our imagination.

Next-gen iPhone specs


It is reported that Apple is working on quad-core A6 processor which will replace the current A5 and A5X processor used for the iPhone 4S and the new iPad. This processor is based on 32-nm low-power architecture which is more efficient than currently used 45-nanometer architecture. Cloak speed remains mystery but knowing Apple we won’t see anything above 1 gigahertz to maintain power efficiency.


Apple is working on completely new battery technology to power its devices but at this point they haven’t got anywhere so most likely the next-generation iPhone will not be able to compete with the Galaxy S3 outstanding battery life.


Apple will use the same 8-megapixel camera because Sony doesn’t have better image sensor in its arsenal that could be used for the next generation iPhone. It is most likely that Apple will find the way to improve shooter speed, lens, and other important things to capture even better images.

Software and features

Next-generation iPhone will ship with iOS 6 and most of its features are already revealed and you can read a detailed report on Ubuntu Life. If you are too lazy to read the whole post I will give you a quick list on what’s new in iOS 6:

  • Updated Siri
  • Facebook integration
  • Improved phone app
  • Upgraded Safari
  • iCloud integration
  • Improve Mail client
  • Passbook for your tickets, coupons and loyalty cards

Next-gen iPhone release date

We know that iOS 6 will be released in October so it leads us to think that the next-generation iPhone will be announced during the same press event just like it happened with iPhone 4S and iOS 5 last October. We will keep you updated with news and rumors related to the next-gen iPhone and other Apple products.

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