Next generation MacBook Pro 2012 release date, June or July

When we can expect the next generation MacBook Pro 2012?

MacBook Pro 2012The current MacBook Pro series are great looking laptops and millions of people agree. While MacBook Pros haven’t faced redesign since late 2008, they still sell like hot cakes but competitors are not sleeping either and laptops like the Samsung Series 9 15-incher beats aging MacBook Pros in most aspects.

I think that Apple will be no longer able to compete against thinner, lighter and even more powerful competitors with its current MacBook Pro design. To put it into perspective the 15 inch Samsung Series 9 laptop weighs 3.5 pounds in comparison to 5.6 pounds as for the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Yes, the Samsung 15-incher is less powerful but not by much, so I think I made my point here. If you are still true Apple fan you will be buying next generation MacBook Pro with just upgraded processors but you know that you are paying premium for 4 year old laptop.

Samsung series 9 15-inch

Samsung Series 9. Still think that the MacBook Pros doesn't need redesign?

The question here is not if Apple plans to upgrade the design for the MacBook Pros but when. Last time Apple refreshed MacBook Pro series on late 2011 when they got processor and graphic boost. Since then nothing has been changed and on mid-June Apple will be hosting yearly WWDC Developer conference in which Apple could introduce with next generation MacBook Pro series.

The WWDC 2012 will take place on June 11-15 in San Francisco. It’s reported that Apple will announce iOS 6 beta version as well as OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion release previews but there is no information about new product announcements.  I guess that there won’t be any new product announcements during WWDC 2012 but the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is scheduled for release in July. It means that next generation MacBook Pros likely will be released on July along the OX X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

MacBook Pro 2012 vs MacBook Pro 2011

Each year Apple introduces new OS X version with refreshed MacBook Air series laptops but this year will be different and we will see MacBook Pros along with OS X 10.8. Apple could release next generation MacBook Pros earlier as it already has access to latest and greatest Intel Ivy Bridge processors but it is Apple, so they want to get maximum exposure with their product announcements and combining OS X 10.8 with next gen MacBook Pros would be amazing announcement.

Then again, Apple knows how to make money and announcing next generation MacBook Pros with aging OS X 10.7 on WWDC in June and then charging extra $29.99 for upgrade in July sounds like a great plan for Apple.

The next generation MacBook Pro release date is scheduled to June or July 2012 the latest.

We will let you know once the next-gen MacBook Pro 2012 release date will be confirmed by Apple or its suppliers

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