Nokia Lumia 900 Becomes Amazon’s Best Selling Phone Overnight

lumia 900 sold out

We reported earlier that Nokia held outstanding launch even on New York’s Time Square with Nicki Minaj participation and looks like marketing efforts were worth it and Nokia Lumia 900 has become Amazon’s Best Selling Phone leaving Samsung Galaxy Nexus and others far behind.

Nokia Lumia 900 Like a Sir

While most retail stores were closed during the Easter holidays the ones that were working were hit very hard and you won’t be able to buy this phone anywhere in New York or any other large city in US. It’s amazing success by phone which is currently available only on contract at AT&T.

Currently the Lumia 900 holds first and third position on Amazon’s best-selling phone chart with two different color variations. The phone hovered around 5th and 3rd position on first day and then jumped all way to the top outperforming Android behemoths, the Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR MAXX.

We think that this popularity mainly comes from Nokia’s marketing activities and of course Amazon’s list price of $50 with two-year AT&T contract. That’s half of the price you have to pay at AT&T and $150 less than the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, which holds 2nd place in Amazon’s best seller list.

While some clueless bloggers state that the Lumia 900 hit the Amazons best-selling list because of Easter holidays as phone were not available on retails stores but then why people didn’t buy it from AT&T website if they wanted it delivered from AT&T directly.

Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T

My prognoses are that Nokia Lumia 900 will show some record breaking sales results not just in Amazon but in most other online and retails stores. This success will be led by Nicki Minaj, positive tech blogger feedback and huge media coverage about Nokia new devices and especially Lumia 900. This is Nokia’s year and Windows Phone year. While they won’t hit the leading position in smartphone market they will still show how serious they are about becoming one.

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