Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Event on Times Square With Nicki Minaj

While many people have doubt what Nicki Minaj has to do with technology and especially Nokia Lumia 900 as she was previous Blackberry owner and most of the Tweets were sent using Blackberry. Looks like Nokia had a better offer and they convinced Nicki Minaj to join Nokia side to make revolution in the smartphone market by announcing Lumia 900 in the heart of New York’s Time Square.

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia is serious about Windows Phone and especially Lumia 900 success so they invested millions to close the whole Time Square just to hold special announcement party. I can say that this even looks amazing at least in the video and this could really work to spread the word about Nokia Lumia 900.

Choosing Nicki Minaj as the main star for this event was bright idea as she is one of the brightest stars right now while many tech bloggers disagree. I’ll tell you what Nicki Minaj has to do with Nokia and the Lumia 900. She’s a superstar and will appeal to a large demographic. Most tech bloggers and their readers won’t like her, but the people that can bring up Windows Phone market share do and they don’t care if the phone doesn’t have the best screen or best specs, they know that Nicki Minaj has Lumia 900 so it must be good.

Enough talking! Bellow you can see pictures and video from Nokie Lumia 900 Launch Event on Times Square as well as first Lumia 900 commercial. 

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