OS X Mountain Lion Available Today, what’s new?

 OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion available today, brings over 200 new features. 

OS X Mountain Lion

Just like we predicted earlier today Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion which brings over 200 new features and improvements. While 200 features sounds like a lot, it is just upgraded version of OS X Lion which was released last year. There is nothing revolutionary new in Mountain Lion but it is still worth to upgrade because it is more stable OS than Lion.

The Mountain Lion is available as download from App Store and costs you only $19.99 but unfortunately only the latest Macs can have this upgrade, so make sure if your computer is supported. How to make sure that your Mac can run Mountain Lion? You can check it easily by fallowing these instructions.

What’s new in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

OS X Mountain Lion released

iOS Integration

The new OS bring many of features right from iOS, we had some already in Lion, but Mountain Lion brings reminders, notifications, Twitter integration, Messages, Notes and even Game Center. Mac sales are going down and iOS devices are selling like crazy, so Apple is trying to bring the best from iOS to Mac to stay on desktop OS game.

iCloud integration

All above mentioned Mountain Lion features are synced to iCloud so all your data can be accessed on iPad and iPhone. The new OS incorporates with many other Apps and it will use your Apple ID to synce Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Messages, FaceTime and other.

iCloud will also sync Documents across your Mac and iOS devices, but it still can’t replace Dropbox, SkyDrive and other file syncing and sharing services completely.


This version of OS X brings iOS style notifications, still not as good as Android ones but they sure look pretty and work flawlessly.


Safari finally gets the ability to search directly from the address bar, just like Chrome and Firefox. Upgraded Safari allows syncing tabs between your devices which means that Safari have learned a lot from Chrome but it is a good thing after all.

Share Sheets and Social Network Integration

Share Sheets allow to share almost anything from everywhere. You can share images, videos, website URL’s and many other things directly from Apps.

Just like iOS has Twitter and Facebook integration now so dies OS X Mountain Lion. Nothing revolutionary but still a very nice feature to have since everyone these days uses Social Networks.


Last but not least important feature in Mountain Lion is iMessage which takes the place of iChat. It functions just like iMessage on iOS devices so you can communicate with your friends who also have Apple computers and iOS devices. It also supports AIM, Jabber, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.

These are only 8 main features you will find on Mountain Lion between 200 others but the rest of the features are mainly behind the screens ones and you won’t notice them unless you are developers or geek.

If you want to download Mountain Lion for your Mac you can do it by visiting App Store or just hit “Software Update” from the Apple menu. Don’t forget that Mountain Lion costs $19.99 and available as downloadable copy. Enjoy!

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