OS X Mountain Lion will be released on July 25

According to trusted sources OS X Mountain Lion will be officially released on July 25.

OS X Mountain Lion release date

Few friends of mine work at Apple Stores and they said to me that Apple Stores in the Unites States and overseas have planned overnights for Tuesday, July 24th. Since Apple has announced that Mountain Lion will be released on July it is the last chance for Apple to replace Lion with Mountain Lion.

If our information is correct it means that Apple will follow its pattern, as Apple announced OS X Lion on July 20th and one day before it reported its Q3 earnings. This year Apple will announce its Q3 earnings on July 24th so the Mountain Lion will be announced on July 25th.

Mountain Lion isn’t being released alongside with new hardware so there is less time needed to make changes on Apple Stores. Our source claims that this year not all employees will be working overnights which basically means that few guys will be installing Mountain Lion on demo models and some will replace Lion posters to Mountain Lion ones. Not a big deal but someone has to do it.

Apple holds overnights only when new products are expected and this is clewhatar evidence that we will see Mountain Lion on July 25th.

What’s new in Mountain Lion?

Mountain Lion isn’t radically new system and it is more like refreshed Lion which was released last year. I would say that it’s a Lion + Retina support + more iOS apps + better iCloud integration. From design and regular users perspective this system doesn’t bring anything new but if you use iOS devices a lot this is a must have upgrade since now you can sync more information between OS X and iOS.

If you are tied into the Apple ecosystem with Mac computer, iPhone and or iPad this will be must have upgrade because it will cost only $19.99 to upgrade your system. Before you do an upgrade make sure your system is supported by Mountain Lion as Apple killed support for many of its popular products. If you don’t have any iOS devices and MacBook Pro with Retina display then this upgrade will not raise an excitement.

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