Preparedness by AT&T for mid-October iPhone Launch

There was a report published by the Boy Genius Report that AT&T being the biggest carrier partner for of the Apple is getting its personnel prepared for the launch of the next-generation iPhone handset which is expected sometime early October. The Apple has so far kept its customers on guessing. BGR report has asserted that some internal sources have indicated that AT&T wants its retail arm to tell its employees to finish with the training as quickly as possible to get ready for the onset of iPhone 5 sale which is expected to enthrall its customers very soon.

AT&T to release iPhone 5

While Apple almost never leaks any information related to its upcoming product, there are a massive supply chain and partners that fails more often. This time AT&T have unofficially revealed that they are preparing for iPhone 4S launch in mid-October. Tech bloggers and industry experts already rumored for October release date for the next generation iPhone but now AT&T made it clear that iPhone is right around the corner. This is the first time when AT&T can’t keep their mouth shut and reveals information about Apple’s upcoming devices.

Although this is just a rumor, there is no dubiety that the new iPhone is going to be an updated handset. There is even a possibility of a launch of more than one iPhone and a complete revamped model by Apple. The rumors are that new iPhone is going to be introduced in the market at the end of September or beginning of October. Different sites and media groups having good track record in relationship to speculations regarding iPhone and the Apple have endorsed also it.

The new-generation iPhone 5 is going to have iOS 5, which is the newest version of operating system used by iPad and iPhone. There was a hint given by the Apple on its 2nd quarter earnings last month, where its CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated that the company will have a product transition in the near future that will leave a substantial affect on the 3rd quarter.

All this suggests that the new device is in the offing. Some speculations are that it is going to be lighter and much smarter than the iPhone 4. Perhaps it will have an upgraded rear camera and an enhanced display. A claim is made by the Wall Street Journal that the new generation iPhone 5 will have the wireless chipsets built by Qualcomm, which may be compatible with single iPhone handset work with CDMA and GSM networks.

AT&T,who isthe major carrier of the Apple, is making its stores and staff ready for the new handset launch.It is taking time for the release but then will also provide it with an extra time to make an improve handset and come out with a blowing recipe for its competitors. As Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple’s CEO, now is the time for it to show to its customers, around the world, that iPhone is the best smartphone.

Now we know for sure that Apple will release its next generation iPhone sometime next month but still we have no idea about specs and design. So far we have seen quite a few leaked design concepts but most of them doesn’t look trustworthy. Only time will show what Apple has in their arms for this years announcement but we can be sure that Apple will release its next generation iPhone and iOS sometime next month. More information are coming soon so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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