Top 10 Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S

There are already plenty of jailbreak software solutions that you can use to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad up to latest version. This includes jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 working on iOS 5.0.1. Those solutions are not developed by main iPhone hacker community and might be a bit buggy for some users as they are not properly tested.

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Jailbreaking your iPhone offers numerous of benefits and advantages over the locked iPhone or iPad. But everything isn’t that bright and not jailbroken iPhone 4S offers some benefits that jailbroken iPhone can’t offer. If you are looking to jailbreak your iPhone to reveal its full potential we have create list of pros and cons that you take into consideration before you are jailbreaking your iPhone 4S. We don’t want to scare you as jailbreaking offer many great things but please not that you will lose some other things that you will find bellow.

The iPhone 4S jailbreak is still not released to public but iPhone jailbreaking community has successfully jailbroken the iPhone 4S. The bad news is that you will need to wait until it is ready for the public release, which could be as early as December, but may not come along until January.

Three Reasons to Why You Should Jailbreak iPhone 4S

Jailbreaking is popular among many iPhone 4S owners to remove some restriction and avoid some issues related with iPhone’s apps, system network capabilities. Apple is infamous with their many limitations including lack of option to customize the look of your phone’s icons, home screen, widgets and even background. iPhone is also locked to one network and you can’t use many apps over 3G network, these things are available for any other smartphone in the marker, if you don’t want to suffer from these problems and get thousands of new Apps and use your phone in any network please read further.

Access to Any Network

The main problem with iPhone 4S is that you can use it in only on one network. It means that phone purchased from AT&T won’t work on Sprint or Verizon and vice versa. You need to make sure where are you going to travel and how you plan to use your phone otherwise you can experience some difficulties. Many consumers who tend to travel a lot tend to purchase factory unlocked iPhone to avoid above mentioned problems. Latest iPhone 4S jailbreak app can remove these limitations; it means that your phone will work with any SIM card in any network all over the world.

Access to More iPhone 4S Apps via Cydia

iPhone 4S and Cydia

Cydia is alternative to famous Apple App Store that makes it easy to find and install apps that’ Apple haven’t approved for some reason. Cydia includes things like custom icons, home screen, clock, charging screen and many other customizable graphic elements that Apple limits to use. On Cydia you can find plenty of apps that Apple won’t release before iOS6 hit the scene sometime next year. It is like using iPhone from future.

Change Default Web Browser

Change your default browser

Of course you can use Opera or Dolphin for web browsing to reduce resource usage but the problem is that you can’t set Opera as default web browser. After you have jailbroken your iPhone 4S you can replace default browser and each time you click links on Facebook or Twitter they will be opened with browser of your choice.

FaceTime Video Chat Compatible with a 3G Connection

Face time videochat over 3g network

With jailbroken iPhone 4S you can trick your phone into thinking that you are using Wifi so you can make FaceTime calls over 3G networks. This is feature that Apple doesn’t allow and many users area really frustrated about it.

SB Settings

SB Settings is simple but yet really great app it gives you fast access to your WiFi, Bluetooth and screen brightness settings with just one tap as they are placed in Apple’s new notification bar introduced in iOS5.

Personalize your iPhone with customized themes

If you want to change the look of your iPhone 4S to something more stylish or something closer to your iPhone case, you can do all these things after jailbreak. There are plenty of themes available via Cydia and you can even make your own with few simple steps. You can change icons, charging scree, background, fonts and much more.

Add Pictures to Your Contacts

This feature is available for any smart phone in the market except iPhone. Now you can add pictures or graphics to each of you contacts so you can find them easier while browsing through the list.

Add More Gestures with Activator

These apps gestures are limitless, you can choose the ones that are offered in the list and record some now ones. For instance now you can swipe left on the status bar to launch a specific app previously selected by you or double tap to start a new text message to your best friend. You’ll be amazed by how much time you save using this app.

MyWi – 3G Hotspot

MyWi - access mobile hotspot without contract to mobile carrier

If you want to use your iPhone 4S as a hotspot without signing up for a plan from your carrier, you can use MyWi. There are still many carriers that don’t offer hotspot functionality but this app removes any limitation set by mobile carrier.

More Games on Your iPhone 4S

Another awesome addition when you jailbreak iPhone is the ability to load up your favorite emulators like nes4iPhone, snes4iPhone and others. These tools will let you play Roms from your favorite old-time game systems. For those who are familiar with old style games will really much appreciate this feature.

Never Enter Your App Store Password Again

With PasswordPilot, you don’t need to enter your password every time you download an app or update. This is great app to save your time but this rises security concern if you iPhone gets stolen or someone barrows the phone and want to make some “fun” out of it.

These are only few features that you will get after jailbreaking iPhone 4S you can share on comment section what feature is the most wanted and it’s not currently available via App Store. I can say that I am jailbreaking my iPhone to customize it and to make it work as mobile hotspot as my mobile carrier doesn’t offer this kind of service by default.

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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S

  1. blabla November 25, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    Sucks that iPhone Dev Team haven’t released their jailbreak but i will give it a shot your recommended jailbreak

  2. Franklin S Werren November 26, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    Just got a 4s and my old 4 was sent back after heat issues. I had my old 4 jailbroken and had several wonderful paid apps on it an they works wonderful. I recommend My3g and MyWifi, both very good apps and I like the Wififofum app, it’s free, I actually got mine off the iTunes store before Apple pulled it for being a hacking software. I used it to check my customers for both open and unregistered or rogue WiFi hotspots on their networks.

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