Samsung Display Becomes the World’s Largest Display Manufacturer

Samsung Electronics the leading electronic device manufacturer today officially announced that they are splitting up with Samsung Display Co., Ltd and it will become a global leader in display panel technologies and products. Samsung Display held its inauguration ceremony yesterday (April 1st) and will begin business operations in earnest after carrying out incorporation registration on April 3.

Samsung Display

Donggun Park, former executive vice president of Samsung Electronics’ LCD Business  is elected CEO of Samsung Display. Samsung LCD business accounted for 20 billion US dollars in annual revenue in 2011. Newly created company become the world’s largest display manufacturer overnight with over 20,000 employees and 5 production facilities around the world.

We can be sure that Samsung Display must be respected global brand and it was proven by Donggun Park who said at the official press event, “We will make Samsung Display a well-respected company through continuous efforts to supply a wide variety of customized products that provide great value to our customers.” He also added, “By continually staying one step ahead of our competitors, we can make our company the very best in the display market.”

It might sounds crazy that company can become the world’s leading display manufacturer overnight but the truth is that it took 21 years for Samsung Electronics’ LCD business to really took off and become the number one player.

Samsung Display journey started back in 1991 as a part of R&D department and is responsible for many innovations in display technologies.  Now, as a separate company, Samsung Display becomes more efficient to respond to market demand and trends by providing the best custom made displays to clients.

This announcement didn’t come by surprise as we already heard rumors about this separation a while ago. These rumors were spread around the time when Apple announced new iPad 3 and it’s not a big secret that famous retina displays used in Apple latest tablet are manufactured by Samsung Electronics, now Samsung Display.

Logo Samsung Display

About Samsung Display Co., Ltd.:

Samsung Display Co., Ltd. is world’s leading display panel technologies and products manufacturer. With over 20,000 employees at its five production facilities and five sales offices around the world, Samsung Display specializes in high-quality displays for TV, monitors, mobile devices and IT industry in general.

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