Samsung Galaxy S3 Delayed After MWC2012?

White Samsung Galaxy S3

There are high chance that we won’t see Samsung Galaxy S3 announcement at Mobile World Congress 2012 due to the fact that Samsung is preparing something big and suppliers are not ready yet to deliver these goods to Samsung. As we all know Samsung manufactures their own graphic chipsets and screens and of course memory so these are not components that might case delay.

In fact Samsung might still participate in Mobile World Congress but they will more likely announce some new Tablets and probably some new cellphones but it could not be Samsung Galaxy S3.

At this point there are no official announcement by Samsung but based on paste experience they won’t say anything before device will be released to public or at least announced.

We have hear that Samsung my hold special press event where they will announce upcoming premium line handset. This could be true as Apple does the same thing and Samsung’s phone probably will be something more premium than iPhone with tiny screen and no 4G LTE support.

Let’s hope this special event is right around the corner and we will be able to get our hands on latest on greatest mobile technologies soon.

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