Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Coming on May 3 in London

Today Samsung announced that they will be hosting “Samsung Mobile Unpacked” to announce something new in Galaxy smartphone family. We could be just weeks away from seeing highly anticipated Galaxy S III finally to arrive. This event will be held in London at the beginning of next month.

The Next Galaxy

Invites are already sent out to all major tech blogs. Of course was not yet listed in this list but we will still cover important information from “Samsung Mobile Unpacked” event on May 3 in London.

Samsung has been enjoying buzz around upcoming flagship Android smartphone for quite some time already despite the fact that Samsung keeps everything hidden and we haven’t seen any trusted leaks to understand what we can expect from Samsung this time. While Samsung keeps being silent they recently announced that 3D technology into smartphones is not ready for mass production so we can be sure that Samsung galaxy S3 won’t feature 3D display but the rest is still unknown.

We recently heard rumors that the device would launch on May 22 in London but was we know now the official event will be held May 3. Early rumors were incorrect unless it’s the day when first customers will get this smartphone. However, other rumors suggested that the device will feature 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED plus display and Samsung’s own built quad-core Exynos processor.

Based on image found on Samsung’s invitations we can expect something glossy and something collared blue and/or white. Ceramic? Browsing through previously found Galaxy S3 images the closest looking design is this:

samsung galaxy s3

Samsung couldn’t finish work to upcoming smartphone by Mobile World Congress and decided to hold dedicated event to announce Galaxy S3. Seems like Samsung learns from the best practice known in the market (Apple) and has decided to host dedicated events for each new device. Will see how well Samsung will deal with this task.

Do you think this will be Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch event or we can expect something else from Samsung?

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  1. james April 17, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    Finally I will get new phone as my first gen Samsung Galaxy is already old and there are no other decent phones out there to replace it but Galaxy S III sounds just about perfect option to chose.

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