Samsung Becomes New iPad 3 Display Supplier

New iPad main feature is stunning looking “resolutionary” retina display with resolution of 2048-by-1536 and it’s the highest rated display by most industry specialists in terms of efficiency, resolution, colors etc. The biggest surprise is that these displays are made by Apple’s main competitor, Samsung Display.

 iPad 3 Display resolution

There are plenty of lawsuits going on around the world between Apple and Samsung with effort to ban devices from further sales. Despite these lawsuits both companies still managed to sign contract for retina display supply for new iPad and probably some other devices as well but none of them are yet announced.

iPad 3 vs iPad 2 display comparison

iPad 2 vs iPad 3 display in the same closeup under microscope

iPad 3 display manufacturerApple wanted to have the best resolution display possible to its new iPad but their current display suppliers, LG and Sharp were not able to meet these requirements and Apple quality standards. LG and Sharp have display technology to achieve similar pixel density but the main problem is efficiency and power consumption.

Samsung demoed 10.1-inch retina display-like high-density panels in early 2011 and many predicted that these displays could be used for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but it weren’t true as Samsung decided to stick with lower resolution screen to keep tablet thin and with great battery life.

Apple made risky step and made new iPad thinner and heavier than its predecessor because new retina display has higher power consumption and there were huge need for increased amount of batteries to keep the same battery life. This risk was rewarded and Apple sold 3 million iPad’s in first three days after the launch.

new iPad display

Will see what Samsung can offer against Apple’s stunning looking retina displays as they are made by Samsung and I bet they still have some hidden weapon under the pillow to overtake Apple leading position in tablet market just like it happened with smartphones last year.

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