The iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S – What’s Changed And Should You Upgrade?

Many of you know that the iPhone 4S is coming out. However, some of you are confused as to what’s the difference. For some of you who really don’t know your phones, you might wonder what the difference is between the iPhone 4 vs. the iPhone 4s as they seem to sound like the same thing. Well, let’s give you a view about what is different between the two.

iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4S is was released two weeks ago and millions of current iPhone 4 users are wondering is it worth to upgrade. There are many nice features such as Siri Voice Assistant, Better camera, faster network connection and more powerful A5 processor but are these thing alone are worth upgrading? It depends of your current agreement with mobile carrier because some networks allows to upgrade paying $200-300 for the new phone but some are completely against it any you have to pay the full price.

iPhone 4S is nice improvement over its predecessor but for most users it won’t be enough to upgrade because there is no major difference between these two smartphones. The iPhone 4S runs slightly faster and captures better images but it looks completely the same so no one will notice the difference. If you like to take a lot of images and videos, you are looking for better performance and are willing to pay extra then go for it but I wouldn’t recommend to upgrade if you are looking for the best deal because upgrade obviously isn’t the best option right now

The first thing you will find is that while the price has increased a hundred dollars for the starting price, you will find that the gigabytes available have also doubled and tripled. You now get to pick how much gigabytes you get. You can choose from sixteen, thirty two, or sixty four where the standard iPhone 4 just gave you eight gigabytes.

The processors are different as well. You will notice that before, the processor used in the iPhone 4 was the Apple A4. This has changed. The iPhone 4S will now have a dual core Apple 5 processor. However, those aren’t the only changes.

Now, you still get a camera that has flash. However, with the Iphone 4s, you will get much more. Instead of five megapixels, you get eight. The other thing is that you get an aperture. The secondary camera isn’t just VGA. Now it’s VGA at 30fps.

You will find that when you get the iPhone 4S, you will get more talk time too. It’s still 3G, but you get an extra hour of talk time. What used to be seven hours of batter life is now eight hours of battery life. Other things like the amount of battery life for 2G, data on 3G, amount of audio, and amount of video are still the same. You actually get a hundred hours less with the iPhone 4S when it’s on standby and less hours of battery life when you are using Wifi.

Other things that are the same is that you do have the option for Facetime video calling. You still have the SIM standard. However, instead of Quaband, you have Hybrid, the iPhone 4S can be used as a world phone, and it is Bluetooth capable.

iPhone 4S is improved only from inside which means that you will get the same looking device with better specs but for most buyers it won’t mean anything. So unless you are looking for performance, better camera and can afford to pay extra then go for it. For others I recommend to wait until iPhone 5 is released which is rumoured to feature slightly bigger 4-inch display and different form factor.

This is how the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S compares. You can see why many are making the change and pre ordering the iPhone 4S. You might want to order yours as well. What are you waiting for?

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