Unity News Lens Gets Updated with Geolocation and More

Unity News Lense updated and now features improved news filtering and location aware news.

Unity News Lens

There many different Unity Lenses available for Ubuntu 12.04 but I am not using them a lot since most of them doesn’t suite my requirements but today I found the one that is ideal for news addicts and tech bloggers – Unity News Lens. It allows searching Google News directly from Ubuntu Dash.

Unity News Lens is available since spring but recently it got updated and now offers geolocation to use for a news search. It means that Unity News Lens can display location aware news if you enable it in filers.

Updated Unity News Lense takes advantage of the new card view introduced in Ubuntu 12.04 and can display great looking thumbnails along with post titles. Unity News is taken directly from Google news and can be easily searched by typing keywords in Ubuntu Dash. Once you click on thumbnails or titles news will be opened in your default web browser. Unity News Lense allows to set priority and topic in filters for better relevancy.

Unity News Lens comes with on-demand language filtering support. The preferred languages can be used in the fallowing form “!de” for German “!eng” for English, etc. Fallowing command can be added before or after typed keyword, for instance “Ubuntu !de” will search for Ubuntu related news in German language. It supports all the languages that are supported by Google News, so only major languages.

Unity News Lens

How to install Unity News Lens in Ubuntu 12.04?

Open Ubuntu terminal using “Ctrl+Alt+T” and type fallowing commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scopes-packagers/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install unity-lens-new

After installation is completed logout and log back in or restart your machine to start using Unity News Lens.

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