Upgrading to dockyard-devel

We will move the current dockyard-devel tree with many improvements — including but not limited to upgrading to the 2.6 kernel series, gcc 3.4 (speeding up the system), glibc 2.3.4 with NPTL (speeding up the system again) and KDE 3.3.x — to the stable tree in the second week of February.

Unfortunately, the large number of changes mean upgrades of existing systems are not as easy as usual. Please see the FAQ on instructions for updating an existing system, and make sure your system is up to date before the move happens. New users should download the dockyard-devel image instead of the latest officially stable version. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

There was apparently a problem today on our centeral server. Something was cached or mysql was acting funky. After a reboot the Site has returned to normal operations.

The problem should only have effected some users mainly administrators. I don’t believe any registered users were locked out of the bug tracker.

A glitch has been discovered in the initscripts package which may prevent kernel modules from being loaded properly on startup. This includes modules for network interfaces, usb root hubs, usb keyboards, usb mice, ieee1394 firewire devices, webcams, etc.

We have identified at least two pre-existing issues which may cause this behaviour. There is a potential fix currently being tested, which should be available to the general public within the next few days.

Please watch this space for updates.

Ark Linux 2005.1-SR1, a bugfix release of Ark Linux 2005.1, has been released.

Mostly due to our lack of test hardware (donations welcome) and testers (volunteers welcome), a couple of bugs worth fixing immediately managed to get into Ark Linux 2005.1 — based on user feedback, we have made a Service Release to address them and add some commonly requested features.

Ark Linux 2005.1-SR1 fixes the following problems:

  • In some configurations, USB drivers were not loaded on startup
  • In some configurations, stored network settings were not re-activated on startup
  • kuser complained about /etc/gshadow not being present when creating new users
  • ndiswrapper drivers failed to load due to a wrongly tagged version
  • Some SATA controllers using Silicon Image chipsets were not recognized during installation
  • The delete key created a tilde rather than deleting a character in root konsole sessions
  • The Python interpreter has been updated to 2.4.1 to fix a security bug
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed

The following features have been added:

  • Newly installed machines automatically retrieve network settings from DHCP servers (if there is one)
  • DHCP-Enabled network interfaces no longer delay the bootup process if no DHCP server is found
  • Support for Zeroconf (better known as RendezvousTM to people familiar with MacOS) support has been added.
  • The X.Org Composite extension, allowing to use real transparent windows, is now enabled (but not used by default).
  • Detection for NTFS filesystems on USB harddisks/memory sticks has been improved
  • Support for TI ACX100 based wireless cards has been added [for this to work, you have to install the firmware-acx100 package from our package repository after installation — the firmware files are not Open Source and therefore not included in the base OS]
  • Existing users of Ark Linux 2005.1 can update to 2005.1-SR1 using the “Install Software” tool in Mission control (select, in that order, Refresh package information from repositories, Upgrade all packages, and Commit changes to the system), or on the command line using apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade.

We hope you enjoy the new release.

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