What makes Samsung Galaxy S III so special?

As we all know recently Samsung announced their latest Android flagship device, the Galaxy S III. There are different opinions about this smartphone because at the first glimpse it feels just like any other latest generation Android phone but it isn’t. We already reviewed amazing Galaxy S III display and also covered SGS III specs but now about things that makes it different.

Samsung Galaxy S III

First of all it has huge 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 720p HD resolution and Exynos 4212, processor for improved performance and efficiency. The specs are one of the best we have ever seen for smartphone and they are combined with great and innovative tools that Samsung have made exclusively for this flagship handset.

The main Samsung Galaxy S III advantages:


Simple but very useful eye tracking technology that works with front-facing camera. It means that as long as phone’s user is looking at the phone, it will not dim, lock itself or turn off. This is great while reading, watching videos or doing some other tasks that doesn’t require interaction with device itself.

Direct Call

Samsung Galaxy S2 without ICS had “two tap solution to make a call but then with ICS update we got “one tap solution” to call. With SGS III there is no need to tap anything as all you need to do is move phone closer to your face and it starts dialing. It works from address book as well as in messaging app.

Dropbox Storage

 HTC offers 5GB of free Dropbox storage if you buy their phones but Samsung trumps it with 50GB of free cloud storage for two years.  Yes, 50 GB and no mistakes here. This feature is worth $200 itself.

Burst Shot/Best Photo

Galaxy S III allows to capture 20-shot in burst mode with speed of 6 frames per second. Later you can choose one of these photos to use as the Best Photo or save all the pictures and later decide which picture to save.


Most people blame Samsung for copying famous iOS voice assistant Siri but S-Voice is even better. It gives better voice control over your phone as you can control almost any aspect in your phone just with voice; this includes volume, locking, unlocking, calling, texting, alarm, calendar and much more.

S Beam 

NFC technology in combination with WiFi Direct to transfer files form one device to another with lightning speeds up to 300Mbps. There is no faster way out there to send files between mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy S III Front & back

The Early Verdict

The Galaxy S III is amazing device and one of the best smartphones to date. HTC’s One series currently are the only competitors to this flagship Android smartphone when it comes to specs and performance. Many will still prefer Nokia Lumia 900, HTC One X or Apple iPhone 4S over the Samsung Galaxy SIII but it’s worth consideration if you are looking for the best smartphone in the market.

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