What’s new in iOS 6 Beta 4? Bluetooth Sharing, Passbook and Maps Apps

Apple iOS 6 beta 4 is available for registered developers and brings many surprises and improvements. 

iOS 6 beta 4 released

Few days ago, Apple released iOS 6 beta 4. The most noticeable change to note is the lack of a YouTube player which is removed from iOS but will be downloadable from App Store once iOS 6 final build reach consumers sometime in October. YouTube is video hosting and sharing service which is owned by Google and just like Google Maps are not welcome in iOS anymore. Apple’s own mapping app looks amazing but still must undergo a lot of improvements to be able to compete with Google Maps.

Most noticeable change in iOS 6 beta 4 is lack of native YouTube app but there are several other improvements that we would like to point out:

  • Upon iPhone or iPad setup you are asked to input iCloud credentials. iOS 6 comes with tighter iCloud integration which means that signing up for iCloud is a must have thing.
  • Improved privacy settings now has ability to control Bluetooth sharing (see screenshot)
Bluetooth sharing and other privacy settings
  • Upgraded Passbook application now has a button to the Apple App Store meaning that iOS 6 will have apps and features powered by Passbook. Probably Apple will jump into ticket selling business of some kind. This would be a great opportunity for Apple to bank an extra gazillion bucks.
iOS 6 beta 4 passbook
  • The Shared Calendar Alerts setting has been relocated and not can be found at the bottom of the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Settings. Nothing revolutionary but took some time to find this options after upgrading to iOS 6 beta 4 from previous beta version.
Shared Calendar Alerts relocated
  • Maps: Apple Maps user experience is dramatically improved and this app runs much faster and smoother. It has better mapping data, especially in the satellite view and more address numbers have been added as well as marks for one-way streets. Many territories are still poorly covered and needs to be improved.
  • Siri now has updated information menu that includes the list of new iOS 6 Siri capabilities to make sure what Siri can or cannot. I can’t see a way how it could compete with Google Now and Google Voice but Apple still has a few months to improve it.
Siri in iOS 6

These are most noticeable upgrades in iOS 6 beta 4 and there are many more under-the-hood changes that only Apple developers know. This is one of the last beta versions before Apple releases iOS 6 for consumers sometime in late September or October.

What more features you would like to see in the iOS 6 final build which is still not present?

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