What’s New in iOS 6? New Maps, Facebook integration and updated Siri

What’s new in iOS 6 and when it will be available for consumers?

iOS 6 banner

During this year’s WWDC Apple announced iOS 6 along with MacBook Pro with Retina display and refreshed MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

iOS 6 for regular users will be available sometime in the fall but if you are developer you can download it right now. This version brings over 200 updates and improvements and here are most important improvements:


  • Siri just like S Voice for Samsung Galaxy S3 can now launch apps
  • Siri can now Tweet your messages
  • Siri can now show game scores, summaries and player stats
  • Siri is integrated with Yelp and OpenTable for restaurant reviews and table booking.
  • Siri knows more languages
  • Siri is coming to the new iPad 3
  • Siri in iOS 6 will be integrated with Rotten Tomatoes for movie reviews, times and trailers
  • Siri will be get hands-free integration in many car systems

Facebook Integration

  • Sync Facebook friend birthdays with iOS 6 calendar
  • Facebook contact sync with iOS 6

New Phone App

  • “Do Not Disturb” mode, this allows to receive messages but your phone won’t make any sound and display will remain off.
  • Easier way to answer via text message if you can’t talk right now
  • FacTime will now work over cellular network (finally)


  • Safari for iOS has offline reading lists and they can be synced with Reading List in Safari for OS X
  • App Banners – this allows developers to place link or banner to website and user will be able to install this app right away of if the app is installed it will open the app.


  • Now you can share photo albums over iCloud and your friends can comment


  • There is a new VIP feature that will highlight emails from people you want to hear from. Nothing revolutionary but still a nice thing to have
  • iOS 6 brings ability to open password protected documents
  • Pull-to-refresh feature just like on Facebook Twitter and other apps


This is alternative to loyalty card tracker from Google Wallet. It collects all of your ticket information, loyalty cards and other info into one place for fast and easy access. It is tracks your location so if you are at cinema it will offer you cinema tickets or if you are on WalMart it will show WalMart loyalty card”.


  • Apple introduced new Maps for iOS 6
  • The New Apple Maps integrated with Yelp
  • Apple is working on new traffic service which is expected to arrive in fall along with iOS 6
  • Turn-by-turn navigation and voiced by Siri (finally).
  • Fast rendering and outstanding level of detail (at least on new iPad)

iOS 6 Release date

Developers can already download IOS 6 beta version. Consumers can expect to see iOS 6 in the fall 2012.

This iOS will support the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as well as iPad 2 and New iPad 3. First generation iPad is left out of the game only two years after it was released. Fair?

iOS 6 bring many new things to the table and while some of the features are copied from Android (Turn-by-turn navigation, Facebook integration, Video call over cellular network, etc.) others are truly innovative and game changing in some way.

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  1. Werner Keil June 12, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    “Siri have learned more languages” like English?;-)

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