Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 Release Date, Coming October 26th

Windows 8 release date confirmed and is set to October 26th. Is it worth to wait?

 Windows 8 Logo

We knew for almost half a year that Windows 8 will be released sometime on fall and finally Microsoft made it official and the Windows 8 release date is set for October 26. Windows 8 will be available for desktop computers and tablets since it has support for ARM based processors.

It is expected that Microsoft will release Windows 8 OEM version for computer makers at least month before it will be available for consumers. If you are using pirated version of Windows you will be able to get Windows 8 OEM version much faster than paid consumers. I am not supporting piracy but I am aware of how the things actually happen.

Microsoft has learned from its main rival and has reduced Windows 8 price to mere $40 for downloadable copy, which is way less than Microsoft asked for Windows 7. This is a good thing tor consumer because more people will be upgrading their machines to Windows 8 when it will be finally available in October.

Windows 8 is a bold departure from its predecessors and will bring completely redesigned UI and code. Windows has amazing Metro Style user interface which is inspired by Windows Phone. Windows 8 is trying to jump into touch input game and early Consumer Previews shows that Microsoft has its homework very well. While Apple is trying to slowly transform OS X and iOS into one system, Microsoft did it just with one release and they did it well.

Windows 8 Metro style

The other important feature I would like to highlight are full SkyDrive integration which means that all your data can be store on cloud and synced between your other Windows 8 powered devices. Like I said, the main things are speed and simplicity in everything, you won’t need latest i7 quad-core processor to run Windows 8 smoothly. If you are still sitting on Windows XP there will be no excuse to upgrade to Windows 8 since it is cheap and can run smoothly on older machines.

There are some great news for people who are looking to buy a new Windows 7 computer and don’t want to wait till the Windows 8 will be released because everyone who will buy a new PC right now or before January 2nd 2013 will get a upgraded to Windows 8 for mere $15. Windows 8 will be compatible with all current Windows computer including netbooks.

Since I am using Windows and Mac I will definitely upgrade my machine to Windows 8 because it looks clean and simple and it works amazingly fast even on my 4 years old computer.

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