Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Release date and features

When Windows Phone 8 will be released and what new features it will bring.

Windows Phone 8 release date

In October 2012 Windows Phone OS will turn 2 years old and the most current version is 7.5 which you can find on all Windows phones ever built. Windows Phone is the most amazing looking mobile OS and is very easy to use even for people who have got used to iOS or dumbphones.

During the first year since Windows Phone was announced there were not enough good hardware and apps for  this mobile OS but now we have Nokia Lumia series phones and 100 000 applications on Windows Phone marketplace. But is it worth to buy Windows Phone right now?  No, because if you buy any Windows Phone right now you will be stuck with Windows Phone 7.8 without possibility to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Even phones such as Lumia 900 and Samsung Focus 2 will be no longer supported.

These are sad news for current Windows Phone users but it is positive for platform itself because Windows Phone 8 will bring many new features that current hardware will be unable to run. These features include support for HD resolution display, multi-core processor, memory card, NFC, and better capability with Windows 8 apps.

Windows Phone 8 Release Date

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is scheduled to be released on October alongside the Windows 8 ford desktops and tablets. Around the same time we can expect Windows Surface tablets and other great hardware.

All Windows 8 platforms will allow users to sync and share date between devices it means that Windows will become unified and you will need only one system to rule them all.

Windows Phone 8 Specs

Windows Phone Specs

Microsoft announced that they are working with HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Huawei on its new Windows Phone 8 powered smartphones. None of these hardware manufacturers have unveiled specs of any handsets that will run the Windows Phone 8 mobile OS yet but we know what specs will be supported by next major Windows Phone version.

Windows Phone 8 has native support for 1280×768 and 1280×720 display resolutions so it means that Windows Phone 8 powered smartphones will be able to compete against HTC One X and Galaxy S3 which have the best displays.

Unlike previous versions of Windows Phone that didn’t support multi-core processors, Windows Phone 8 does support. It means that we will see dual-core and quad-core powered handsets upon the release of Windows Phone 8 OS. It is reported that Windows Phone 8 can support up to 64-core processors but the hardware isn’t there yet.

Windows Phone 8 Features

Windows Phone Start Screen (Tiles)

Windows Phone 8 start screen

Famous Windows Phone tiles will remain present on WP 8 but now they will have three different sizes and even more color variations. Now you will be able to personalize your Windows Phone start screen like never before.

NFC support

NFC for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 will support NFC (near field communication) allowing to transfer files and contacts between devices. This technology also has the potential to replace debit/credit cards for payment in stores. Most major banks and other companies are in works to unlock the full NFC potential.

Expendable storage

Currently Windows Phone 7.5 is limited to built-in storage but Windows Phone 8 will support microSD cards for cheap additional storage.

New and better apps

IE 10 on Windows Phone 8

We can’t imagine today’s smartphones without apps and Microsoft puts significant effort to make Windows Phone apps better. Microsoft will use one size fits hall approach to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 RT, it means that the same app will be available on all platforms. Xbox will have major role in Windows Phone 8 but this is a whole other story.

Windows Phone 8 will feature Internet Explorer 10 which is promised to be faster, more secure and has ability to detect suspicious websites and scripts. All Windows Phones will have quality mapping solution which is developed by Nokia. This brings you turn-by-turn navigation and ability to use maps offline so no data connection is required for everyday use.

Windows Phone Maps

There are only few things we will see on Windows Phone 8 handsets once they will be released on October 2012 but you can already see how amazing this platform has become.

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